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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red Ribbon Week!

This week at school is red ribbon week! During this week at school the kids get to dress up or what ever the day brings. Well today was crazy hair day so this is what we did this morning!
They had fun deciding on what to do with their hair! Eli had this do last year but didn't like it, so I was surprised that this is what he wanted today! Parker wanted a Mohawk...I actually contemplated shaving a real mohawk but chickened out. I styled just a regular mohawk and he liked it then saw the other kids with all the ponies and said "now no one will laugh at my hair" so I told him I would do lots of ponies down the middle of his mohawk...he was happy and it was easy! Michelle has SOOOOOO much hair it is practically impossible to do and have it look decent so I just went at her hair with nothing in mind and this is what we got! She was happy with it and I figured that is the biggest win I'll have all day so I went with it! So my kids are wacky today and lovin' it!

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Smamy said...

Love it!! I'll have to try something like that when Dallin has a wacky hair day - ours usually comes up in the spring...

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My Family

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