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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Primary Program!

Today our ward had their annual Primary Program. It was a great program all the kids new the words to the songs and their parts and they incorporated families into the program. It was the best program I have ever seen! But this isn't why I am posting this:

Today I was in the primary room and when I left Sister Bentley followed me out to tell me a funny story about Parker! We all know how much I love to hear stories about Parker, and if you don't know, It terrifies me! Anyway this is what she said!

Yesterday at the program practice Sister Crawford (the chorister) and Brother Ray (the Pianist) were trying to figure out how many times he would need to play a song to help the children remain quiet while the next class walked to the microphone for their parts. Well Brother Ray being a man just told Sister Crawford that he was going to play the song 3 times and that is all. Well at that point Parker raised his hand and Sister Crawford called on him to say what he needed to say and he said "someone needs to tell him to get along". Well Sister Bentley intervened at that point and asked Parker to tell her. So he said again..."someone needs to tell him to get along...that means he needs to be nice" Well Sister Bentley said who needs to be nice and he pointed to Brother Ray and said "the man at the piano". Sister Bentley loved that and laughed so hard. I thought it was pretty funny to! Parker will always say things I just hope they will keep being funny and not something that will terrify me!

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

He is one of a kind...Good thing he learned to talk, right!?

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