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Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Party!

So this Halloween Grandma Crockett decided it was time to have another Halloween Party! She had one a few years ago when there was only 6 grand kids! Now it is + 5 and that much crazier! Anyway the kids had a ton of fun ALL DAY! Grandma had activities that had the kids (and the mom's) busy the entire day! We painted pumpkins (the mom's opted for the less mess approach), we had a doughnut eating off a string contest. We had a fish tank with a TON of prizes, we had a pinata! We bobbed for apples and we also had a bean bag toss into a giant pumpkin that Grandpa Crockett made! "Old" Grandma Crockett came for the entire day too and had so much fun...I am sure she fell into bed that night! After all the activities Mom had the kids make their own pizza's for dinner and made some homemade root beer, the kids thought the dry ice was awesome! After the kids ate it was time for the costume parade, all the kids got dressed into their costumes and marched for "Old" Grandma! Then it was time to Trick-or-Treat! We went to so many houses that Ryan was begging to go back to Grandmas house. It didn't take that much longer for the rest of us to wimp out and go home too! After the trick-or-treating, we had a haunted house where the kids had to go out the the playhouse and retrieve an eye ball to receive a prize. That was really fun! Then to finish up Grandma Crockett made prizes for each of the kids for their costumes! It was a fun day...it seemed to take forever, but it was fun! Thanks Grandma Crockett for doing so much for the grand kids!

My kids had an easy time deciding on what to wear for their costumes. Michelle wanted to be a vampire with a red dress a black cape a white face and fangs. She was very specific! Eli was a little easier, he wanted to be "Wolverine" from X-Men. Well his was a little hard, and you can tell from the looks of his costume. Better luck next time is all I can say for myself! Parker was sooo easy. He found a spiderman costume at D.I. and that was it, then talking to my Sis-in-law Karrie she mentioned she had a SM costume with the muscles well we went for that one! Emie also found her costume at D.I. She decided to be Winnie the Pooh, she was also Tigger and Piglet!
Michelle was being scary not mad!
Eli wasn't sure what to do!

Parker had it down!

Emie is just soo happy!

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

Finally posting about Halloween...good job! Well, at least you have different pics than me and you mentioned some things I forgot about. p.s. Emie is Hilarious!

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