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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Cards:)

In October both my mom and Justin's dad have birthday's 2 days apart. Drew and Cyndi were in town for his B-day this year and the kids decided to go-in-on a birthday gift card, so he can buy himself a new church suit so I made this card to put the gift card in! It was fairly easy once Jessie told me I could do it, and then with Justin's mad run to Joann's to get matching thread and button. I really liked the card and I can't really tell you how my FIL liked it cause I don't' think he even noticed:(

Then this is the card I made my mom for her B-day a couple days later. My mom loves quilting and so I found this really simple but cute card for her. I then drove all the way over to Safford to hand deliver it to her! I am pretty sure she loved the card but I am positive the real gift was the surprise visit!

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mahonica (you ugly) said...

Okay...are you seriously blogging about this more than a month later??? Your life isn't THAT boring. Plus in your wording of Mom's card it sounds like you didn't make it yourself which you DID!

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