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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mother Daughter Hair Day!

Today we took a Mother/Daughter day! Yep, I took Michelle out of school early...come on don't judge me...it should have been a half day, I mean it's the day before Thanksgiving, they have half days all the time! Anyway, I won't go on! So all the girls needed hair cuts Michelle hates her hair at least that is what she tells me every time she brushes or combs it, or anything else, like looks in a mirror! So we went short, not as short as she would have likes but short enough that she is happy! I got a cut and color but there are no pictures, that is something I wouldn't mind not being documented! The most exciting thing about this day is that it was Emie's first hair cut! Yes I know...she is almost 3 and this is her FIRST hair cut. Well let me tell you, we cut bangs in Michelle's hair when she was like 2 maybe younger and Michelle is well you could call it over reactive about things. So I am trying to raise Emie a bit different! Michelle is a long story and I don't think this is the time!!

Here is Michelle happy!

So cute.
Emie's before...I love her head with her "Pooh Bear Ear" ponies! They look like Winnie the Pooh's ears!

Emie's hair is CRAZY! If I don't do it, it will look like this or worse. I constantly have to say "Where is your face" and she takes both hands and moves her hair out of her eyes...and nose...and mouth!

Getting ready! She is not happy at this point!

Look at the ground, why? I can't see what you are doing down there!

Why does mom keep taking pictures?

The blow dry part! Still not so happy!

And here it is...Isn't it soo cute? Come on just look at the hair, she is still mad, oh and really tired, she just about fell asleep right here!

and the back view!

and here they are together. I have such cute girls!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Seriously some of those pics of Emie had me rolling on the floor! She is grumpy! p.s. Michelle's looks cute!

Suzanne said...

Love Michelle's hair and Emie looks not very happy, but cute as ever. I think it's great you had a mom and daughter day!

The Robinsons said...

You do have cute girls!!! I really LOVE michelle's cut! It looks great on her! Such a good mom!

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