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Monday, February 22, 2010

Justin Went Huntin'

So I should have posted this already but I didn't have time today and Justin was on the computer all day so I couldn't get to this until now!
Sorry it took so long to post this Justin!
Well Justin decided a few months ago that he wanted to try hunting as an extra curricular activity! My Brother-law Jeff was very excited about this news because it meant one more person to hunt with, my sister was even more excited because that might mean Jeff will leave her out of the hunting life. Justin was a little apprehensive about going out first thing and hunting something big like a deer or an elk so Jeff told him to go buy an over the counter Javelina tag!
He prepared for weeks getting his gun sighted in and he loaded lots of ammo to be prepared! This weekend was the BIG HUNT!
They went out to an obscure place in area 31 and the first day saw nothing but dear...much to Jeff's dismay. The next day Monica and I knew that it would be a long day with the kids while the guys were gone all day hunting. Around 12:00 Monica noticed a text from Jeff saying
"Pig down"
She was speechless she couldn't believe that they went out and found something and actually shot it!
Justin was (is) so excited they came home and took care of it right away!
It was so gross. I remember, you know, growing up babysitting for the McCarey's seeing the taxidermied animals and thinking whatever they are cool. I never saw the actual after math of it, it is something I will need to get used to!
Anyway here are a few pictures of Justin's first kill!

Justin only took one shot and he shot the thing right where he was aiming and it died just great (that is what he said). Good Job Justin and I guess good luck next time!


mahonica (you ugly) said...


mahonica (you ugly) said...

I read it but kept getting annoyed that deer is spelled deer not dear. lol
Is Justin ready for deer and elk now?!

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

well you couldn't be friends with a more country life person. my 1/2 brother-in-law and his sons are taxa dermists, (but they are up in showlow). and my dad has taught me a killer receipe for great jerky. Don't know how tough javalina meat is or if you even want some meat turned into jerky. but just let me know, I even have the dehidrator to do the jerky.

Gwen Crockett said...

That's pretty cool.

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