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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes My Kids are Funny!

So sometimes my kids are funny here are a couple of examples:

On Friday after school we were running a couple of errands and Michelle was looking through Parker's backpack and found something he made at school. It happened to be a couple pieces of fabric sewn together and Michelle was very excited for Parker and what he did and he was so excited that Michelle was being nice to him.
Michelle "wow Parker this is really good you are so smart"
Parker "Thanks Elle yea I am smart I'm K-mart Smart"

Justin looked at me and said "Did he just say what I think he said"
Megan "yep"

Then later that night we were all sitting down to eat dinner and this is the conversation we had

Michelle "Mom did you get the e-mail about the movie from Mrs. Billingsley"
Me"Yes I did"
Michelle"where is the theater we are going to"
Me "It's the AMC"
Michelle"What are the streets by the Theater"
Me"Stapley and Baseline"
Michelle"is that this way?" (pointing in the direction of the AMC and stapley and baseline)
Justin"Why are you asking a question like that if you don't know where you are asking about"
Michelle" I don't know"
Me" You could have asked...Is it by the Wal-mart we always go to?"
Eli" There is a Wal-mart by our school"
Me and Justin" no there's not"
Justin" there is a Sam's Club"
Eli" well I don't know I'm not a girl"

See I told you I have funny kids sometimes!

The End

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Gwen Crockett said...

That's cute. Gotta love the funny comments.

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My Family

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