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Friday, December 10, 2010

December 8th 2010

Michelle Turned 11 on Wednesday! I can't believe how much she is growing up! We went to the Dr.'s office yesterday and she has grown 3 inches and gained 13 pounds in a year. So as of right now she is only about 3 1/4 inches shorter than I am...yep so if she does it again she will be taller than mom by the time she turns 12! I am handling that alright, it is EVERYTHING else that I am having a hard time with. But that is ok too I will get it right (not by her by at least by me). Anyway On her birthday the kids had a half day of school so we took a couple of Michelle's friends and went to see the movie "Tangled"! What a GREAT movie! I really liked it and the kids loved it! I see an new movie in my future! After that we came home and played with toys and of course what kind of party can you have if you don't play Just Dance!

After the girls went home we ate dinner opened presents, had cake then ran off to get some Frozen Yogurt at Ocean Blue, that is our families favorite "ice cream" place! Then we came home and read another chapter of Harry Potter #6 and went to bed.

Here are a 11 things about Michelle that makes her who she is now!
1. She is always caring (sometime a little much) but always cares about things.
2. She loves her family (even Parker)
3. She loves to learn and going to school.
4. She LOVES Taylor Swift, to Michelle, TS is the only person who can sing!
5. She is growing up, she likes to do her own hair now and pick out her clothes!
6. She has great friends who share her interests and likes to talk on the phone with them!
7. She is playing the Violin in school this year and is really enjoying it!
8. She may be 11 but there are times that she can still play just great with Emie and her doll house and poly pockets.
9. She loves being a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, she loves her teacher and loves to learn and ask questions about the church!
10. She really wants a cell phone (mom and dad say NO)
And Finally
11. She is such a sweet girl always wanting to be loved!
We love you Michelle have a great 11th year!


Jessie Lewis said...

I can't believe how big (tall) she is! I remember when her and Jalen were just little babies.

Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! It seems like you just had her. Great tribute post.

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