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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In June Eli got to go to the Cub Scout Day Camp out at Heard Pueblo! For those of you who do not know what this means don't worry...I didn't either until I was asked at the last moment to help out with the boys! When I say last moment I really mean 2 hours before the departure of the troop I got the call, and when I say boys I mean like 13 of them...maybe less, I don't really know they move ALL the time!
Anyway We go out into the desert in JUNE and the boys do activities to earn merit badges all day. Merit badges I have yet to see what is that all about? So Eli had a ton of fun and here is a couple pictures of him shooting a BB Gun!

Later that night while walking back to our "campsite" Eli just about walked on top of this SNAKE!
Can you see it? back by the bush! Yea that was a fun story! At the beginning of the camp day the people in charge told us that of course there is wildlife we are in the desert. I was fine with that, not a problem! Then they went on to say if you see a snake have someone go get a worker person and have someone else STAY WITH THE SNAKE! WHAT? First of all, don't you want to get as far from the snake as possible? And second How do you stay with a snake? It slithers away when people come! So yes I got to be the one to stay and I had a older boy get the worker person 15 minutes later they showed up! Anyway I was hoodwinked to going to Cub Scout Day Camp! I had a good time with the boys and especially with Eli!


Kandice and Rob said...

Wow, you really got taken! Er - I mean, you really did a great job providing service! ;) Good for you, though. And how lucky that you got to be the one to stay with the snake! ha ha. I'm sure the boys loved the whole day!

K said...

I'm sure that you figured this out by now, but..... cub scouts don't earn merit badges, that is why you haven't seen them. :) Cub scouts earn belt loops or activity pins - they should have received those at the pack meeting after day camp. :)

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