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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eli's 9th Birthday

On July 21st Eli turned 9 years old...I know I am getting so OLD! He had his whole day planned and I just had to do what he asked. He wanted Breakfast Cake (coffee cake) for breakfast, and for dinner Hawaiian Haystacks with Ocean Blue for dessert. The day before his birthday he asked if he could have a friend party to which I replied "you can't expect me to plan a party for your birthday TOMORROW!" So Eli being the easy going, easily pleased child accepted my counter offer of a movie with a few friends. He chose Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The movie was really good and ALL the kids had a great time. He chose to take Tyler, Ryan, his friend Zack and his siblings! We all enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the air conditioning and the $5.oo admission! Later we had our family party when he opened his gifts. Eli asked for a few shirts and shorts...see what I mean by a good kid! My family has been very interested in the Harry Potter series so I thought Eli would love to get Harry Potter Lego's game it looks fun we haven't played as a family yet...yes recheck the date it is September 7th!

More pictures to come when my internet isn't running as slow as a snail!

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