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Monday, September 6, 2010

Parker's Bravery

Parker lost his first tooth a few days ago...OKOK I know it was probably a month ago...Anyway!

That's right I remember...it was the first day of school he came home and was so excited that it was so very loose! I asked him if he wanted me to get the pliers and yank them out? He was fine with that...I asked him if he wanted me to just punch it out? He was fine with that too...I then asked if he wanted dad to use a string and the door method of tooth removal? We was very satisfied with that idea! So he sta very still while dad tied the dental floss to his tooth then we went over to the bedroom door and tied the other end. He was a little nervous but didn't show it to badly. The door was slammed and nothing came out, WHAT? So we had to retie everything up and try again! The second time was successful! Out popped the tooth! We literally were all down on our hands and knees trying to find this little baby tooth! Finally we found it and Parker put it under his pillow so excited for his first visit from the tooth fairy! He is our brave little boy who actually let us tie him to a door to get his tooth out!

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