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Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of School 2010

The kiddo's started school on August 11th! HOLY COW that was early! But very delightful! Michelle started 5th grade this year...5TH GRADE! When did that happen? Eli started 4th grade...It is not as traumatic for the second child sorry! And Parker started 1st grade! They are all very happy with their teachers and so am I. Their previous teachers have all been wonderful and lovable and just awesome people! This year all their teachers will challenge them and won't take any of there whinny crap! I am so excited! My kids are smart but for some reason they like the dingy blonde approach to life, this year I hope that all changes! Here are a few first day of school pictures!

Michelle is in 5th grade which means she gets to choose if she wants to play a musical instrument and if she wants to do band or orchestra...she decided that orchestra was what she wanted to do playing the violin! She is so excited about this and she is constantly talking about the violin and what she is learning!
Eli likes a lot of things and it is pinning down what exactly what it is he likes to put him in anything. This semester we are trying Lego club they get to go every Thursday after school for an hour to learn to build different form of transportation. He is very excited about this club!
Parker like Michelle (in so many ways...to many to talk about here) is into the musical instruments. He is taking piano lessons from our good friend Jennifer Jarrett! She is pretty much the only person who and will teach him! Anyway Parker is also in the Lego club with Eli both of them love their Lego's

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Koi said...

Do I detect some boobies on Michelle? I actually think her's will be bigger than mine by Christmas. Mark my words.

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