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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day 2010

This year we decided to stay home and spend time together as a family...sounds really nice huh? Well it was don't get me wrong but this is what we decided to do.

We went out to Saguaro Lake we have never been there before so I thought something new, different, and exciting! We planned to go and have a picnic play in the water a little and just have a good time together. We got out to our original destination looked so nice couldn't wait to get out of the car, looked at the sign and saw that we needed to buy a permit back in town, not there at the park...us being newbies at this didn't realize this is how it worked. So we headed back into town and also thought we needed an awning because the sun was out and HOT! So we went to Big 5 sporting goods looked around no awning but they did have permits so we were good to go and try again! We didn't try to go out to the original spot again we decided to try a few of the closer spots along the way! It was a lot of fun the kids tried really hard to be swept down stream and I tried really hard not to yell too much! After about 1 1/2 hours later it started to sprinkle just a little...then a little harder then it was really hard so we headed back up to the car and the picnic tables to have our little picnic. We just packed sandwiches and chips and cookies. The kids really hated this part, well because of the bee's we tried to tell them to ignore them but more and more kept coming so I just called the whole thing off! So we headed home and decided that if we try this again, next time we will defiantly be prepared for it!
Here are a few pictures while they were still having fun!

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Jayme said...

Looks like it was so much fun! I can't believe how grown up your kids are...wow..time flies!

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