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Saturday, November 3, 2007


I can't believe how much dirt it takes to fill a pool! My brother Kenny got a hold of some dirt for Justin and me to fill the pool in. Holy Cow! It just kept coming. We had in on both side on in front of the house and up into our drive way. We went out and rented a bobcat to move the dirt into the pool and are we glad we spent that money. We got most of the dirt moved and now we will wait till Monday and we can the move the rest. I just wanted to say thanks to all the guys who helped out today. Kenny for getting the dirt and spending his Saturday helping get it over here. My Dad who helped when he really didn't have to and he didn't even expect to when he came down here today. And the men from Kenny's ward with trailers and big trucks who brought at least 7 loads each over here. THANK YOU ALL!


Koe said...

So is it all filled in? I had no idea you guys were doing that Saturday. We could have helped you.

Mahonica (you ugly) said...

Here is another comment for you Mega-baby. I remembered that name this morning..was it from Glenna? Hey would you like a back yard with all that dirt? It sounded cooler in my head.

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My Family

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