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Friday, November 16, 2007


I have been tagged 2 times now So I better do it before it happens again. list 6 things about myself and then I am done should be easy right but not for me, I can't even really think about myself very much in any given day so this will be a hard one. I will try to keep it positive and not about eveything that really bugs me.

Ok #1 As you can tell from my last post I love the Christmas Season. It always makes me happy and I want everyone to feel the same way but sometimes I think people think I am crazy for all my smiling at them;) I also get to spend money I think that is one BIG incentive.

Ok #2 I love to do things that make me happy, like read, scrapbook, talk to friends, watch movies, see family, take a bath, and probably many more. I don't have time to do much of this fun stuff. And in the odd chance I get to do this stuff usually someone messes it up for me. Like the kids needing SOMETHING! or like hubby needing me too! When do I get my time? Here's a count down for you Count down to the day your last child SHOULD leave the house!

Ok #3 I hate to argue with people! Unless I am in the mood and feel fighesty. I usually just retreat early and let the other person feel like they are right just because i hate to do it. I hate the feeling it brings to me I also don't feel like I have all my facts stright enough to argue intelligently. I always feel like maybe the Lord will strighten out the person who will pick a fight with me just because I don't like to argue. cross my fingers!

Ok #4 I am a baker! I want to make cookies and cakes and all sorts of sweet stuff! All the Time. I love to bake (it shows)! I also know the recipe will be there, I need a recipe. Cooks are the ones who can make things up as they go and it always tastes good and like they are a professional chef I always wished I could do that but I get scared that all I will do is waste perfectly good food.

Ok #5 I love to play games! Yep board games included. I think it is fun and it is always different. Justin hates to play games with me though. He always thinks I cheat, but I don't I just happen to be good;) However I am not good at playing games that you have to remember things like movie lines I love to watch movies but for some reason nothing ever sticks in. Maybe that is why I can watch a movie over and over again without getting to tired of it!

Ok #6 Last and probably least. I want to be a photographer! I took a class at the Mesa Arts Center and everything. I also went and took pictures of Michelle at the Mesa AZ temple for her baptism announcements! I feel like I totally bombed at it. I I don't know if I should do it. I love it though I don't know!

I put that negative one in just because I promised one for you!!!

Well I hope you enjoy your long look into my life! Don't feel to bad for me I know I am a looser! This proves it, I don't know one other person to tag so I am putting an end to the madness!
Have a great day!

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Koe said...

So in your #2 comment I missed the comma between "see family" and "take a bath" and I thought it said "see family take a bath." I was a little sad at first because I thought,"She's never watched me:0(" then I got grossed out and that's when I saw the comma. I'm so glad there was a comma. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, in comment to your previous post, We put our Christmas tree up on Thursday! I can't wait for Christmas. Oliver keeps asking when we can take it down. Ba humbug!

p.s. I hate that handicap word thing I have to do in order to leave a comment on your blog. I never get the word right the first time. What the F!

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