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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tagged Again!

I thought I could end this madness with the last one but I guess I should do this one too. Monica thought my blog wasn't being updated enough so here goes nothing!

Crazy 8's

8 things I am passionate about
8. playing the piano
7. watching movies
6. playing games
5. scrap booking
4. my kids
3. my husband
2. learning new things (things that interest me)
1. food

8 things I want to do before I die
8. go on vacation in Africa
7. move into a different house
6. drive a new car
5. make my husband proud
4. get my body back in good shape
3. learn to play the violin
2. drive a race car
1. go on a cruise

8 Things I Often say
8. shut up!
7. Stop crying!
6. I Love you!
5. Who made you so cute!
4. Shut up!
2. Justin...!
1. poor me:)

8 Books I have recently read
1. The Book of Mormon (still reading by the way)

8 Things I Could Listen to Over and Over
8. my itunes music
7. Parker say his, Elle's, Eli's and Emie's names
6. Christmas music
5. Jay Leno talk
4. The Smothers Brothers
3. Owen Wilson Talk
2. Emie laugh
1. Quietness

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
8. Same interests
7. Good Advice
6. Same Problems
5. Same Family
4. They like me for me
3. Known them for ever
2. Great to laugh with
1. We are all equally crazy!

8 Things I've Learned This Year
8. I learned how to use my camera! (the right way)
7. I learned just because I have 3 kids doesn't mean
I know how to take care of another one!
6. I learned that getting my hair done isn't an every
to year event!
5. I learned yogurt is still gross
4. I learned I CAN vacuum everyday and like it!
3. I learned I'm to old to have another baby!
2. I learned I can tease Justin about having another
1. I learned That kids get more expensive ever year
Ok Monica now it's your turn to do the crazy 8's! Have fun

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