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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mom's Favorite Day!

As a mother there are only a few days that bring us happiness! Yes there are the obvious ones like our birthday's, Mother's day, Christmas and maybe (depending on our husbands) our anniversay, but lets face it, the two best days for a mom are,

1. The first day of school

2. The first day of school after the Christmas Vacation!

Those two days send thrills down our spines and bring a perma smile to our faces. All glory to the public school system who will take our children from us for a few hours a day and hopefully teach them something useful. Now don't get me wrong...I love my children! I love spending time with them and playing with them and talking to them and doing everything else on the face of the planet with them, but while the 3 older kids are at school it is like...UHHH... when your husband comes home for an hour or so and wathces tv. It's my break, t.v. time, my time to myself. Because face it when the kids come home my time is theirs even if it is 3 a.m. Now those of you who may not have all the kids gone yet (I don't either by the way) don't worry, it will happen for you, enjoy the time with the kiddo's now because when they are all gone I have the sinking feeling I will long for the days when they were all home invading all my privacy's and getting underfoot. But for now school begins in just about 36 hours!!!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

You're weird...

Mechelle said...

wow! That's really early to be menstrating, poor thing. Have the doctors said why?

ps This is too funny, I love my alone time as well, but my boys don't start school for a couple of years now. I do look forward to Joy School time when it's not my turn to teach.

meghannamarie said...

No she doesn't really menstrate but is very emotional!!!

Koe said...

Have you ever notice how much your mom resembles June Cleaver?

meghannamarie said...


My Family

My Family

Cute Idea!