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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yoga Class!

So My sister, Monica, made a few new years resolutions and one of them was to do yoga everyday! Last night she invited Michelle and Kaitlyn to join in on the fun! In the first picture they are finding their "center". So cute! After they were all done Monica said I was tripping all over the girls the whole time. Michelle loves yoga. At school she and Eli are in the Yoga Club that meets every Thursday after school. Maybe Monica and Michelle will rub off on me and I will soon find my "center"
P.S. I got a new camera for Christmas and this was all shot with it!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Thanks for posting those really great pictures of me doing really bad yoga. Anyway, the goal is not every day but just often/regularly...
ps you need to send/email me the pics I took of my house on your camera.

Koe said...

New camera? What is it? Like our new one? You can come exercise with me at 9:00 every morning. You need a ball and 2 lbs. weights.

Oh and did I ever thank you for removing the handicap thing.
Thank you!

Mechelle said...

Yay for new cameras!!!!

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My Family

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