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Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Day of School...Yesterday!

Yesterday was the first day of school and it was wonderful! Don't you just love the first day when the kids are young! They are all excited and want to hurry to get ready and don't argue and fight they just want to get to school and play and learn! I do I love that my kids want to go to school and learn all new things, and play with friends old and new ones! They were so cute yesterday and they were so happy! Parker was a little sad at first because he didn't understand that his class is now in the afternoon so he thought I just wasn't letting him go to school! I had to explain to him that he now gets to go after his channel 8 shows. Well he didn't really like that because he told me that he didn't like cartoons! Which proved true during my R.S. meeting yesterday also! Anyway I wanted to post yesterday but couldn't get to the computer so here it is today before another day of school! I am sure Michelle, Eli and Parker will do great this year and I wish them luck in all they want to do! I Love you guys !

This picture is just an extra one! Parker really wanted his backpack to get it's own picture so I had to do it! He is so funny!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

I forgot to post a coment before...oops! Your kids look cute. IU am glad that Parker was okay after he went in the afternoon. If only they had a pre school for Emie's age!!!

Whitney said...

What! they already started school? that is horrible, pretty soon they are all going to be year round schools... with out the long breaks in between

corbanandnoelle said...

Your kids are adorable! I think the little guy in the orange striped shirt (Parker) looks the most like you! How fun the first day of school sounds! I look forward to that, but I want time to go slowly! I don't need a kindergartener before I've enjoyed my baby! They grow up soooo fast, I know!

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