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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too Close?

Well this past week has gone by so fast so it seems. Last Saturday we had our ward swim party, & a visit with our Home Teacher's pet turtle "sneaky". Justin missed out on everything because he got sick all of a sudden. However, good old mom forgot the camera to both events. I thought I could make it all up though when Koe invited us to go to her ward's swim party, nope I forgot the camera again. What is wrong with me?

So I decided that my next post...this post was going to be me asking is this to close for a 1 year old to watch T.V.?

Emie is so cute. She does the funniest things. Today I was watching t.v. and she pulled the little stool right up to the entertainment center crossed her arms and started watching. I couldn't resist I had to take a pic. Justin and I are always talking about how happy we are to have such a funny kid for our last one! Yes she is our last one!
By the way I do know that this is way to close for her I don't let her do it constantly just for picture purposes only!)
And oh yea I was watching "FRIENDS" of course what else would I be watching. It was the one when they were in Vegas and it was the morning that Rachel and Ross woke up next to each other and later found out that they got married! So funny:)


Whitney said...

I way like your new background! I need to know how to put on cute backgrounds... how do you do it, where do you find them?

Lewis said...

Emie is sooo cute! Baby is doing well, getting chubbier by the minute! Next time you see her, you won't recognize her.

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

I have a little tv watcher too! I love it! She is a doll!

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