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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well I finished my R.S. lesson today and I am happy to say it went well?

I really was worried that I wouldn't have enough material to fill the time I had...and I didn't! I ended 20 minutes before the hour but it was good because at least 5 woman got up and bore their testimonies and they all said they wouldn't have if there was only 5 minutes left to do it. I also had several people tell me that they needed the lesson, they had things going on and needed to hear what I said. So that was reassuring! Anyway I want to thank all who helped and prayed and got me through this first lesson and I figure it should only get easier from here on out...Yea right! Oh by the way I was so nervous at the beginning of the lesson that I started to cry! That is what I do I cry when I get nervous! Justin laughs at me for it but whatever!

Yea for me!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Yea that you're done...again good picture to go with the mood...

Smamy said...

Of course you did fine! It's nervewracking no matter how many times you get up in front of grown ups (I still think of them that way...) I remember my first lesson in RS after teaching Primary for a few years, the first thing I did was to apoligize if I was excessively animated. I was used to trying to hold kid's attention spans... Tee Hee!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, it's always scarey the first lesson with adults. I'm about to exerience the same thing very soon, I'm being called to be R.S. President talk about scarey!

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