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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a great Labor Day Weekend! We went over to Safford and spent a few days with my sister and my parents. It was fun and cooler than here! Justin took the boys up the mountain and went camping on Friday night. Justin said that it was so nice not cold and not hot. It rained on them in the middle of the night and in the morning so they decided to come home saturday morning instead of staying to hike and play. Monica and I had the girls so we went to her place after visiting with mom and dad and put the girls to bed and stayed up watching a movie and talking! Saturday was a fun day when the boys got home Monica and I took the 7 kids to the Graham County Fairgrounds where we fed and watched the ducks. Dad came out too! After the ducks, we went to Old Grandmas to visit for a little while. The kids were out back when they all came to the door I went over to see what was going on and they all said "look we found dinosaur bones!" I looked into the bucket they were holding and say a whole skeleton of cat bones! YUCK! I told them all to get inside and wash their hands and then decided it was time to go home! Sunday was Sunday uneventful going to church and eating at mom and dad's house that was nice we played a couple rounds of speed scabble and went back to Monica's. Monday was fun too we went over to mom and dads house where they bar-be-qued hamburgers and we ate homemade ice cream and the kids played and had fun! After the festivities died down Justin and I left to get home in time to go to Brayden's 1st birthday party! He is so cute...he just dove into the cake "Mitch" made for him I will let "Mitch" tell the rest. Well that was our weekend as you can see I have no pictures. I took my camera to everything and didn't take one picture, nothing of the ducks or Old Grandma or Labor Day fun. I am a terrible blogger so I went ahead and added a couple of hyperlinks so you could see where we went at the fairgrounds and one for Brayden's birthday party hopefully "Mitch" will update with some of the cutest 1st birthday pictures ever!

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Kandice and Rob said...

Ha ha! Cat bones! "OK, kids, time to come inside..."

"Leave the carcasses in the yard please"

"No we cannot dig for bones in our yard when we get home"

"Because I said so"

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My Family

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