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Monday, September 8, 2008

Stuck Again!

I can't believe it Emie got stuck in a chair again! She is so independent that she does things all the time all by herself! Today she was climbing up on the table to eat the applesauce that Parker left behind and on the way up this happened.

Now it doesn't look to bad at first but I couldn't free her. I tried to pull up, I tried to straighten and pull up, I tried to bend and pull up, but nothing happened. So like any other blogger I stopped to take a few pictures! I also took a video this time a little longer and it shows the relese to her arm but you know how long it takes for blogger to upload videos so I will probably not post the video!
I couldn't believe that she got stuck again. This time it wasn't as bad just because I was able to get her out without having to cut the chair up but it did take a few minutes! I guess she will be the one that I will defiantly be keeping my eye on!


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Ah, baby Emie. Do you need to come live with me for a while?

Mechelle said...

oh, poor baby! that looks like it hurts.

Kachelle said...

is it wrong that i think that is hillarious?!

Suzanne said...

Poor baby. You guys need to seriously think about getting different chairs!

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

She looks so helpless! I am so sorry Emie! Her hair has gotten a lot longer since the last time she got stuck!:)

Kandice and Rob said...

...so when chairs start coming with warning labels with a silhouette cartoon of a kid stuck between the rungs, we'll know that's because of you guys.

Poor little thing!!

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