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Friday, September 26, 2008

Movie Review!

So I think everyone out there knows that I like to watch movies. I like to buy them and I like to watch them over and over again! Well about a year ago I discovered the Red Box! I am sure most of you know about this...where you can go and rent a movie for just $1.00 a night + tax (of course). Anyway I have decided that since I watch movies and I may or may not enjoy them that I would tell everyone what I think of them so maybe that would help them make a decision when they are at the nearest wal-mart getting ready to rent a movie from the Red Box.

Today I really wanted to rent the movie "Waitress" . With Keri Russell.

I have seen it at the red box for several months and I have always passed it over, well today I decided I wanted to rent it and watch it! I wasn't sure at first because if you all know me I have buyers remorse after everything I buy, even a movie rental at $1.08. Anyway...I really liked this movie it is definatally a "Chick Flick" the husbands won't want to spend there time watching it...there are no car chases or guns or explosions. Just this story about a woman who gets pregnant by her abusive husband and ... I won't tell to much! Anyway everything works out for her, is that saying to much?!? One thing that I was pleasently surprised about is the preformance by Andy Griffith. He has never been a favorite of mine (I don't know why) anyway... in this movie I actually liked him. So if your husbands are out of town or working the night shift or maybe a little girly go and rent this movie and enjoy yourselves. I hope you like it and don't blame me if you don't maybe you don't like the kind of movies I do. But hopefully you will!

So for the record I give it... *** stars.


mahonica (you ugly) said...

Thanks for the review! Next up...The Leatherheads!

Suzanne said...

We just got Redboxes out here a few months ago and I like it. I'll have to rent that one, I'm always looking for something decent to watch.

Lewis said...

Oh cute movie. I must admit, the only reason I watched it is because I'm a diehard fan of the TV show Felicity. I'll watch pretty much anything with the Felicity characters in it.

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