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Monday, February 2, 2009

January in a Nut Shell

WOW is it February already...I can't believe that I haven't really had a ton to post for the whole month of January. Stuff happened but nothing to bloggable so now that it is all over I will recap for you! School started again and my life went back to normal. I like the schedule that the school year sets for us I do wish that it wasn't so early in the morning though!

This month has been busy I guess when you look back on the month. We got to go to my new nephew's (baby Drew) baby blessing so we got to see a lot of family that weekend. Then nothing nothing nothing. and then Monica and Jeff came down to visit the next weekend which was fun for all...the kids loving playing with their cousins. The next weekend along with a few friend threw a baby shower for a good friend in the ward. She never found out what she was having so we waited until little Jack was born. That was a fun day filled with good friends. Then stared all the Birthday fun...the 19th was my little niece's birthday, the 21st was my brother-in-law's birthday the 26th is Justin's birthday and the 28th is my dad's birthday and my parent-in-laws anniversary...what a couple of weeks. In between all that my new car decided to die

so I had to call for a tow and get it fixed. It turns out it was just the battery but since the car is under warenty we decided to take advantage of that. Well since the car was out I got to walk to school and home 6 times that day. yep about a mile each way and I get to go to the school 3 times a day so I walked 6 miles that day. It was fun. If that possible!

Parker finally calmed down enough in karate to earn the next belt up. He was so proud of his achievment. So were me and Justin!

I think that is all...I hope!
So for this post January in a nut shell it worked if I decided to blog all this one at a time you would never read my blog again!


Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

What...6 miles?? Wow go Megan! Isn't it funny how fast the months start to fly by!

bek said...

"this is me, in a nutshell. how did i get into this nutshell?"
sorry, austin powers was calling.

Lewis said...

That's because his mom is sewing queen.

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