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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Party!

We had sort-of an impromptu birthday party for Eli Tonight. We had cake and as Katherine said "Good Effort"
as you can see I tried to make a bumblebee cake, well as you can also see I am not good, Eli was like well it doesn't really look like bumblebee! Thanks Eli:) So anyway, we had cake and ice cream and Eli opened up his presents and was so happy to have so many! He got Transformers of course now they can all play together without fighting right? Not so much! He was so cute and excited! All in all he had a good day he also got to go swimming with Aunt Koe that I think was the best time he had. So to all that celebrated with us Thanks for coming! And to all who gave gifts thanks so much he loved every bit of it!


Kachelle said...

i never knew it was possible for a platt to get that tan. who's his real daddy?!!!

Lewis said...

Ok, so I was thinking this cake was supposed to be an actual bumblebee. I just coudn't see the resemblance, except the color. Now I realize it's the transformer! I grew up watching My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake; Transformers are foreign to me.

mahonica (you ugly) said...

Is that a 20 dollar bill...? I hope you swiped that from him as fast as he can say Bumblebee!

Smamy said...

Yay for you - or I mean Eli! Dallin had a Transformer birthday this year too. I just did a cake with a road and stuck the bots on the top - yours was much more of an effort! Good job!

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