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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fourth of July Weekend!

As a tradition Justin and I always try to head up to St. Johns (where his parents live) AZ. to celebrate the 4th of July weekend! St. Johns has a wonderful day for the 4th celebration so it is fun to go up and the rest of the family always tries to go too. On Friday morning they have their pancake breakfast in the park, this is the boy scouts annual fundraiser and I am sure they do very well! After the breakfast they have a little program where people speak and sing and pay tribute to the USA! Then it is time for lunch. Lunch is awesome because well first of all it is free and second it is meat! They feed us barbecue beef and rolls and beans, it is very good. After lunch we head down to the snow cone stand and get snow cones to cool us off, not that we really need it the weather was just wonderful. In the park after lunch and snow cones they have little races where the kids from ages 1-??? whoever wants to race goes. Emie got a half dollar for her race, she was so cute! Michelle, Eli (not pictured) and Parker also did great and got cracker jacks for participating. When we were done at the park the adults were tired so we went home and relaxed for a while before heading out to Lyman Lake for the picnic dinner and fireworks. Fireworks are just beautiful when you see them over a lake. This year they were so pretty! While we were there Devon bought some sparklers for the kids to play with while waiting for the big show to start! Karrie "the pro" burned... oops... I mean roasted marshmallows. We ate and watched the show and then headed home. All the kids were asleep when we got home so we decided to let them go to bed dirty because, well, we were going swimming the next day anyway! Saturday was fun too just a day to relax and have fun while the kids ran and played! At 5:00 we went to the public pool and swam for an hour, just enough time for the kids to get cold and be ready to leave. Karrie had the brilliant idea to bathe the kids at the pool so we wouldn't have to do it that night at the house. We ate dinner on the deck sent the kids to bed and stayed up talking till late that night. As you can see the kids were pretty worn out! Sunday was pretty uneventful the kids woke up ate breakfast then we headed out for church. It was a pleasant weekend and we all had a fun time and missed the sisters who couldn't make it! I hope all of your 4th's were as nice as mine!


Kachelle said...

i'm still so sad i didn't get to come! that looked like so much fun. but i gess it's for a good reason. Next year there will be another little boy crawling around!

Lewis said...

Ooohh. I wish I could have been home. Your pictures bring back memories of my childhood.

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

How fun! I wish I could have gone home for the 4th! I did all those things when I was a kid!
We are blessing Bryant in Globe on Sunday at 11. Just to let you know!:)

mahonica (you ugly) said...

You finally changed your background...yeah!!!

Megan said...

Your family is so adorable! Your little bitty one looks like you. I'm a little better with keeping up with my blog, but places like facebook are a good way to find old friends. Glad to see you are doing well. Looks like you had an awsome 4th!

Kandice & Rob said...

Look at your kids on the high dive! Very cool.

Your post made me hungry. Remember when they'd do stuff at the Stake Center in Globe (probably for Pioneer Day?) and they always had that BBQ beef? Mmmmm

What a fun weekend! Nice to get away.

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